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Country: Senegal

Moustapha Guirassy is the Minister of Communication, Telecommunications, & Information Technology[1] and Spokesman of Government of Senegal.[2] He is also the Founder and President of Groupe Institut Africain De Management.[3]

Mr Guirassy has been minister of Communication and Spokesperson for the Government of Senegal since 2009. He has been in charge of telecommunications and ICT since June 2010. He attends ICANN Meetings and other IT related conferences.[4]

He was heavily involved in preparing and presenting ICANN 42 in Dakar. He spoke at the welcoming ceremony where he stressed the need for ICANN to improve its relation with the African continent. He called on them to create offices in the area to better allow African stakeholders to stay involved, and underlined the need for ICANN to help poorer African nations with developmental aid, especially with regards to the new gTLD program. He also wanted ICANN to lead the implementation of more root servers in the area, and translate all documents into French and the other official U.N. languages. He noted that these were not only important for Africans, but for ICANN to truly become an inclusive, international organization.[5]

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