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Industry: Internet governance
Website: NARALO Community Page

The North American Regional At-Large Organization (NARALO) is one of the five RALOs that make up the ALAC constituency within ICANN. It provides news, resources, and information for individuals and end-user groups in North America who are interested in ICANN.[1]

NARALO Leadership

Chair Eduardo Diaz 2017 AGM- 2018 AGM
Secretariat Glenn McKnight 2017 AGM - 2018 AGM

ALAC Members 2017- 2018 - 2019

Member RALO/NomCom Result  Term
 Alan Greenberg RALO elected  2017-2018 AGM
John Laprise RALO elected 2017 AGM-2019 AGM
Javier Rua NOMCOM Selected 2016 AGM-2018 AGM

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