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Nccgroup 250px.png
Type: Publicly Traded
Industry: Registry & Registrar Data Escrow, Domain Security Services,
Software Escrow, Security Consulting, Website Performance
Founded: 1999
Headquarters: Manchester Technology Centre,
Oxford Road, Manchester, M1 7EF
Country: UK
Employees: 501 - 1,000
LinkedIn: NCC Group
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@NCCGroupplc
Key People
Rob Cotton, CEO
Pete Stock, Managing Director, Domain Services
Daniel Liptrott, Managing Director, Escrow
Jean-Christophe Vignes, Director, Domain Operations
Andy Ramsbottom, Account Director

NCC Group is one of the world’s largest escrow providers and has one of the largest security assurance teams in the world. It is especially well known in the ICANN community as a leading Registry& Registrar Data Escrow provider and more recently as the operator of the .trust domain.

.trust is a gTLD that aims to provide a safer and more secure Internet for both businesses and consumers.

All applicants for a .trust domain will have to verify their identity and ownership of the trademark or brand used for the domain name. They will also have to ensure their organisation is secure by complying with .trust’s strict and specific code of security policies and undergo regular security monitoring to assure their infrastructure remains safe.

NCC Group is uniquely positioned to provide registry & registrar data escrow services and a variety of domain security solutions to all registry operators, and new gTLD applicants.

Other ICANN related solutions from NCC Group include Domain Assured. Domain Assured is a domain abuse monitoring product that uses threat intelligence capabilities to deliver a complete picture of a domain’s threat landscape with continual monitoring of the major domain abuse types to provide rapid notifications of any attacks. It monitors a domain’s health and reputation and supports ICANN requirements by enabling registrars and registries to take a proactive approach to seeking out abuse.

Industry Involvement

One of the requirements built into ICANN's new gTLD program is the daily transfer of WHOIS data to an ICANN approved escrow agent. This has to be performed by a third-party provider in a transparent manner to protect against registry failure and other contingency situations.[1] NCC Group is not new to the ICANN community, and has been working in the domain name industry since 2008, when it assisted ICANN with the development of the gTLD Registry Failover Plan. It has since become a registry escrow provider for a number of registries and registrars. It is the only escrow provider with major operations in Europe and North America, and is compliant with US and EU law.[2]

In 2008, NCC Group announced that it had been chosen by RegistryPro to act as its daily data escrow provider. The agreement was finalized in January 2008, and NCC Group provides all necessary data safety and security services mandated by ICANN's data escrow requirements for registry operators.

Minds + Machines has teamed up to work with NCC Group with all new gTLD applicants selecting their registry and consultancy services. Minds + Machines promises to act as intercessor between their clients and NCC Group.

Key-Systems has selected NCC Group as one of the preferred partners for registry data escrow services for applicants that have selected KSregistry as their new gTLD operating platform.

Accredited provider to ICANN of Registrar Data Escrow services:

In 2013, NCC Group was approved by ICANN to provide data escrow services to new gTLD clients.[3]

In 2014, NCC Group launched its new Domain Abuse Monitoring Service, which monitors and reports on the overall health of domain portfolios. .wien became on the of the first new gTLD applicants to adopt the service.

Domain Name Transfer Agreements facilitated by NCC Group Escrow Solutions.

Technical Capabilities

  • NCC Group's Registry Data Escrow program is based on our Escrow Live service.
  • NCC Group utilizes a fully redundant infrastructure with four globally dispersed Tier III+ data centers, ensuring business continuity and no single point of failure.
  • WHOIS data is deposited daily via an encrypted, secure FTP transmission. The file transfer process automatically triggers data decompression and decryption, and then generates an automated email confirming the receipt of the deposit.
  • All transactions are logged in a secure database for auditing purposes to support ICANN's compliance requirements.
  • Domain Abuse Monitoring service, is built on NCC Group’s expertise in global information assurance, our proprietary algorithms identify common threat indicators to identify abusive domains before they become widely reported.
  • A configurable abuse threshold allows clients to filter out potential false positives and concentrate their abuse teams on the highest scoring risk offenders
  • The easy to use web portal can be accessed at any time, providing the ability to conveniently view the current status of the Domain Assured process and authorise any legal actions undertaken by NCC Group.
  • Domain Assured maintains historic records for DNS, IP and WHOIS data to support investigators in determining if a domain has been hijacked or intentionally created with abuse in mind.

Independent IT Security Advisor

Through expert security consulting, penetration testing, vulnerability research, incident response, risk management and governance advice NCC Group helps organisations to identify risk and formulate a robust security strategy.