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The New Top-Level Domain Applicant Group (or NTAG) is an interest group formed under Article III.D. of the Charter of the gTLD Registries Stakeholder Group (RySG). The primary role of the NTAG is to represent the interests of entities that applied for a new gTLD(s) in ICANN’s 2012 gTLD round. The NTAG represents the views of its members to the RySG, the GNSO Council, the ICANN Board of Directors, and other influential bodies.

All applicants who have applied in the 2012 gTLD round are eligible for membership. Upon delegation of their string(s) to the ICANN root, they will be eligible for full membership in the RySG.[1]

Current Officers

Jon Nevett, Donuts Inc., Chair • Bill Doshier, dotStrategy Co., Vice Chair • Tim Switzer, DotGreen Community Inc., Treasurer • Krista Papac, Aremi Group, Secretary