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Type: SAS (limited liability - France)
Industry: Internet, Registrar, Domain Names
Founded: 1994
Founder(s): Jean-Paul Béchu
Headquarters: 37 boulevard des Capucines
75002 Paris
Country: France
Employees: 80+
Facebook: [1]
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@nameshield
Key People
Jean-Paul Bechu, CEO

Nameshield is a French registrar, specialized in corporate domain names services. Nameshield was founded in 1994 by Jean-Paul Bechu and received it's accreditation from ICANN as an official registrar in July, 2006. The company's head office is in Paris with offices in Angers and Monaco. Nameshield is the first French registrar to be accredited of the ISO 27001.


Founded in 1996 by Jean-Paul Bechu, Nameshield’s original name was l’Observatoire des marques with the goal of the protection of brands on the Internet. The project succeeded in that goal and most of customers are brands.


  • 1998 Registration of domain names in more than 180 countries
  • 2017 Certification ISO 27001
  • 2018 Label France Cybersecurity


Nameshield is known for the number of possible registration of domain names: the company has agreements with more than 900 TLD. A lot of small ccTLD are concerned : it can be done for example in Nepal (.NP), Faroe Islands (.FO) and Nauru (.NR).

A part of Nameshield's activity is Brand Protection. Nameshield is ranked among the top 3 of UDRP proceedings as Complainant representative. Nameshield was the complainant representative of the first complainant of a UDRP for the .PARIS and for .TZ (Tanzania) and the fourth complainant of a PANDI proceeding, the Indonesian dispute resolution.

Today, the global solution of Nameshield provides to its customers the assistance of experts on all the aspects of the domain names management (daily management, legal services, technical security – SSL – DNS – etc., online brand protection, monitoring, etc.) from a global multi-users platform. Its management system, multi-subsidiaries and its adapted billing method (by subsidiary, department, post, etc.), also gives a simplified management to large companies.

Customer support

One of the characteristics of Nameshield is the strategy based on the customer support: registration and modification of domain names can be done by phone,

Research and Development

Domain Name Audit and Valuation

Nameshield develops the audit and the valuation of domain names portfolio through researches conducted with the laboratory of Arts & Metiers ParisTech and a PhD thesis conducted by Clement Genty.