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Country: Netherlands
Email: Neelie.Kroes[at]

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Neelie Kroes is the Vice President of the European Commission for the Digital Agenda of Europe. She is responsible in maintaining the tust and security for the internet and new technologies and competitive communications systems in the global market. She also leads the development or world-class research and innovation in information and communications technology industry and make sure that every European country becomes digital with access to to fast broadband and maximize the use of internet for economic and social development.[1] She is considered as one of the world's most powerful women.[2]

Career History

Ms. Kroes worked as Assistant Professor for six years at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Netherlands. She served as Board Member of ZwaTra, a transportation business owned by her family.[3] She began her political in 1970 after being elected as one of the Councilors of the Rotterdam Municipal Council. In 1971, she was elected as Representative to the Dutch Parliament. She served as Minister for Transport, Public Works and Telecommunication in from 1982-1989. Ms. Kroes also worked in the private sector. From 1991 to 2000, she was appointed president of the Nyenrode University. She also served as Board Member of Lucent Technologies, Volvo, and P&O Nedlloyd. Prior to her current position as Vice President for Digital Agenda for Europe, she was Commissioner for Competition for the European Commission until from 2004 to 2009.[4]

Charity Work

Ms. Kroes served as Member of the Governing Board of the Friends of Nelson Mandela Children's Fund, World Cancer Research Fund-Netherlands, Rembrandt House Foundation, Chairman of the Governing Board of Poets of All Nation and many other charitable institutions. [5]


She received her a degree in Economics from Erasmus University Dutch Economics School of Economics in Rotterdam and she hold an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Hull in United Kingdom.