Neha Naik

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Organization: Radix
Affiliation: GNSO
Stakeholder Group(s): Private Sector - Domain Name Industry
Region: Asia
Country: India
Email: neha.n [at]
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Neha Naik
Userboxcards.png Featured in the ICANN 51 - Los Angeles playing card deck

Userboxcards.png Featured in the ICANN 57 - Hyderabad playing card deck

Neha Naik has been a Director of Channel Partnerships at Radix since July 2014.[1]

Prior to that, she was a Senior Manager of Strategic Partnerships for LogicBoxes, where she was in charge of a team which managed LogicBoxes' 80+ registrar clients.[2] She travels to ICANN conferences not only to reach out to new clients but to continue discussions with the registrars that they are already working with.[3]


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