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Brand Applicants

The following are proposed Brand gTLD/DotBrand ventures:[1][2][3]

TLDApplicant(s)Registry ProviderNotes
.adidas Adidas Group Rumored
.afl Australian Football League ARI Registry Services Melbourne IT is acting as Application Consultant. Confirmed.[4]
.aigo aigo Digital Technology
.canon Canon GMO Registry Confirmed[5]
.deloitte Deloitte OpenRegistry Confirmed[6]
.facebook Facebook Inc. Rumored
.godaddy GoDaddy Confirmed[7]
.google Google Confirmed[8]
.kpn KPN OpenRegistry Confirmed[9]
.lpl LPL Financial OpenRegistry Confirmed[10]
.microsoft Microsoft Rumored
.neustar Neustar Neustar Confirmed[11]
.hitachi Hitachi Ltd. GMO Registry ConfirmedCite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag
.sas Scandinavian Airlines System Group Confirmed[12]
.starhub StarHub ARI Registry Services Confirmed[13]
.unicef UNICEF Confirmed[14]
.youtube Google Confirmed.[15]