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Country: Canada
Email: norm.ritchie[at]

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Norm Ritchie is Director of Engineering at[1] He is one of the seven Trusted Community Representatives of ICANN for holding the internet keys.[2] With the help of these keys a master recovery key can be generated, which can literally reboot the internet. This step was taken to ensure the recovery of the Internet in case of a significant cyber attack.[3]

Mr. Ritchie has been involved in the Internet industry for over 25 years. He is an expert product developer and manager of telecommunications and Internet applications; and he also is skilled in broadband networks, digital switching and data networks.[4]

Career History

In the past, Norm has served as Chief Information Officer at CIRA, where he was responible for all kinds of internet and computer operations management. He was also Vice President of Development at Momentous where he worked for three years. He was Vice President at NetActive.[5]


Norm has attended:

  • ccTLD ICANN Meetings in Vancouver, Canada, held on 30 November to 4 December 2005.[6]
  • ICANN Sydney ccNSO meeting held on June 23, 2009.[7]
  • ICANN Seoul meetings held on 25 to 30 October, 2009.[8]
  • ICANN meetings on 7 to 12 of March, 2010.[9]
  • ICANN DNSSEC meeting held in June, 2010.[10]

Norm is expected to attend Internet systems consortium conferences in 2011.[11]


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