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Country: Ukraine
Facebook: Facebook.png   Oksana Prykhodko
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Oksana Prykhodko
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @sanapryhod

Oksana Prykhodko is a Ukranian journalist, media expert and civil society activist.[1] She is the Director of European Media Platform.

She is a Member of the Council of Europe Group of Experts on human rights in informational society, EurALO and NCUC. Ms. Pryhodko was the Co-organizer of the First Ukrainian IGF.[2]

Earlier in her career, she was an Observer of foreign press at Zerkalo nedeli.


Ms. Pryhodko is a graduate of EuroSSIG. She was also a student at Diplo Foundation’s European Internet Governance Capacity Building Program

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