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Country: Nigeria
Email: oodusan [at] nira.org.ng
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Ope Odusan is the Chief Operating Officer at NiRA,[1] which is the non-profit manager of the .ng ccTLD. He is also a Director and the founder of Advanta Laboratories, Ltd.[2]

Mr. Odusan studied and lived in the USA for 21 years, in Chicago, Illionis, later moved to upstate New York and also in New Jersey.[3]

Current Work

Mr. Odusan's current responsibilities include managing their "Switch to .NG" campaign. The campaign uses a multi-stakeholder approach to bring universities, businesses, end-users, and others together to discuss and improve the national namespace. He also is spreading awareness of the domain possibilities available in the .ng name space among foreign entities. There are plenty of interesting domains made possible through .ng given that many English words end in "NG". One prominent example is Microsoft's acquisition of the bi.ng domain.[4] He acts as a national IT evangelist, and stresses that the world-class registry that he and his colleagues have created has the ability to create jobs in Nigeria, fuel technical innovation, and support further national development.[5]

He is a member of the American Society for Quality, American Association of Clinical Chemists and American Chemical Society.[6]

Career History

Prior to his position at NiRA, Ope Odusan was a Manager at Johnson & Johnson, where he managed the QA Laboratory Computer Systems Group; he held this position from 2005 until 2011. His extensive background is largely focused on the cross-section of software applications and research science. He has worked as a Pharmacologist, and held a number of Research and Scientific positions in the filed.[7] He has over 18 years of experience in the U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry; spending time with multiple major companies. In that time he has worked on drug R&D, scientific systems implementation and support, and led laboratory automation and quality systems management. Mr. Odusan is a member of the American Society for Quality and American Association of Clinical Chemists.[8]

Before becoming the COO, he ran his own registrar. His company, Ghotek Technology, was a regional pioneer. Mr. Odusan attended his first stakeholders meeting in 1996, before Randy Bush was managing .ng.[9]


Mr. Odusan holds an MS in Technology Management from the University of Maryland , and a MS in Biotechnology from the Illinois Institute of Technology and BSc in BioChemistry from University of Ibadan.[10] Mr. Odusan is a certified Oracle Database and Unix system Administrator.[11]

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