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|website    = [http://www.hauss.tel/ hauss.tel]
|website    = [http://www.hauss.tel/ hauss.tel]
[http://docteurhauss.com/ docteurhauss.com]
[http://docteurhauss.com/ docteurhauss.com]
[http://propriete-intellectuelle.blogspot.com/ propriete-intellectuelle.blogspot.com]
|twitter    = patrick_hauss
|twitter    = patrick_hauss
|born      = October 5
|born      = October 5

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Patrick HaussPortrait.jpg
Patrick HaussCaricature.jpg
Country: France
Email: patrick [at] hauss.eu

link=hauss.tel docteurhauss.com propriete-intellectuelle.blogspot.com   [hauss.tel docteurhauss.com propriete-intellectuelle.blogspot.com hauss.tel docteurhauss.com propriete-intellectuelle.blogspot.com]

Facebook: link=Patrick Hauss   [Patrick Hauss Patrick Hauss]
LinkedIn: link=Patrick Hauss   [Patrick Hauss Patrick Hauss]
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @patrick_hauss

Patrick Hauss is the Marketing & Sales Director at Group NBT France. He is also a Lecturer at IRPI (French Intellectual Property Research Institute)[1] and URS (Université Robert Schuman).[2]


Hauss holds an LLM in IP/IT Law from CEIPI and has a Master’s Degree in Multimedia and Information Systems.[3]

Career History

Previously, Hauss was the Sales Director at INDOM for 7 years, where he performed the tasks like Domain Names registration, portfolio consolidation, domain name search & watching.[4][5] From 2007-2008, he was a Lecturer at Alienor (CRFPA Bordeaux - France). From 2001-2003, he managed the IP/IT Contract and the domain portfolio while working there as a Legal Manager of IP/IT. Prior to that he was the Legal Manager of IP/IT at France Telecom.