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Pouria MousavizadehPortrait.jpg
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Organization: Asiatech
Stakeholder Group(s): Technical Community
Region: Asia
Country: Iran
Email: p.mousavizadeh@protonmail.com

LinkIcon.png   Personal Blog - Network Science

Blog: https://spmzt.net
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Pouria Mousavizadeh
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @spmzt

S. Pouria Mousavizadeh Tehrani is a Data Center Network Engineer at Asiatech. He also is an individual researcher. He is knowledgable about Network Protocols, Data Center and Network Security.

Career History

Pouria has been working with the internet industry since he 13 years old. he began with network security but after 3 years has been working in the Internet industry. Pouria is the network engineer of the Asiatech DCNM team. Responsibilities include designing, implementing and deploying automate data center network at scale.

ICANN and Internet Governance Participation



Pouria is the author and co-author of these publications: IRNOG Conference 2 - Decentralizing Internet Infrastructure


Skills Competitation Iran 18th - Gold Medal in IT Network and Systems (Skill39)