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== External Links ==
== External Links ==
* [http://Pir.org Corporation Website]
* [http://Pir.org Corporation Website]
[[Category: Registries]]

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Public Interest Registry is a corporation formed in 2002, as a not-for Profit Corporation. PIR.org took over the responsibility of operating the .ORG from VeriSign in 2003. PIR.org also maintains the authoritative database of .ORG domain names.


Alexa A. S. Raad - Chief Executive Officer

David Maher - Senior Vice President, Law & Policy

Kathy Kleiman- Director of Policy

Lance Wolak - Director, Marketing & Product Management

Lawrence C. Martin - Director of Finance & Administration

Kim VanWyngaardt - Executive Administrator

Lauren Price Sr. - Product Marketing Manager

Thuy LeDinh - Senior Marketing Communications Manager

Company Information

External Links