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Country: India
Email: ddgnt-dot [at] nic.in

Rakesh M. Agarwal is the Deputy Director General of Networks and Technologies at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of India,[1] and the Central Coordinating Officer for the Department of Telecommunications, Government of India, in which positon he coordinates with the Government and the Telecommunications Industry for the implementation of IPv6 in the country. Mr. Agarwal has also been nominated as the Convener of the India IPv6 Task Force for the implementation of IPV6 in India.[2]

He is a member of ICANN's GAC and APNIC.[3]

Career HIstory

Earlier in his career, R.M. was the Deputy Director General at the Telecommunication Engineering Center of India, where he was given the responsibility for IPv4 and IPv6 migration in the country and IPTV standards. He brought out the "National IPv6 Deployment Roadmap" for India in 2010.[4]