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The DSN Root Zone Management System (RZM) is the automated system used to process change requests for TLDs [1] and to delegate new gTLDs once they have passed PDT[2].


It was originally created to process change requests more efficiently and was launched July 21, 2011 by ICANN, Verisign, and NTIA. [3] Automating the previously manual process provided the additional benefits of allowing more transparency and decreasing processing time. [1]

New gTLD system

In the new gTLD application process, once an applicant has received their delegation token from IANA, the applicant can enter it on IANA's Delegate a New Generic Top-Level Domain page in order to assume "operational responsibility" of the new gTLD [2]. According to a statement by ICANN, Verisign, and NTIA, RZM can process "at least 100 new gTLDs per week." [4] However, there was some apprehension that Verisign would not delegate new gTLDs due to stability concerns. [5] This statement has been largely debunked. Despite Verisign's ongoing concerns over stability, it has been delegating new gTLDs. [6][7]


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