Ray Bero

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Country: USA
Email: ray [at] nameintel.com
Facebook: Facebook.png   [raybero Ray Bero]
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   [ray-bero Ray Bero]

Ray Bero is the current CTO, and a founding partner of Name Intelligence and Domain Tools. Name Intelligence organizes the Domain Roundtable conference every year in Seattle.[1][2]

A mathematics and computer science graduate of University of Illinois, Ray holds a patent in Dynamic DNS updates.

Career History

Until 2010, he was the CTO at Thought Convergence. He has also worked as the Senior Engineer at VServers.[3] Prior to joining Name Intelligence, he was the Director of Development for Interland Inc. His responsibilities where to concurrently manage three development teams: one for NT product development, one for UNIX product development, and another team for Business Systems development. Each of these development teams was composed of 10-20 engineers who were responsible for developing all products related to their focus.