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Industry: Registrar (Terminated)
Founded: 2003
Country: USA
Key People
John Naruszewicz
Kevin Medina

RegisterFly was a domain name registrar. Its accreditation was terminated by ICANN in 2007 due to violations of several provisions in the Registrar Accreditation Agreement RAA. It was formerly operated by co-owners Kevin Medina and John Naruszewicz.[1]


RegisterFly was originally doing business as a reseller for eNom, an ICANN accredited registrar. The company became an ICANN accredited registrar through a "back-door accreditation" after acquiring Top Class Names, a registrar accredited by ICANN in 2004. The new management changed the name of Top Class Names to RegisterFly and assumed the ICANN accreditation and role of its predecessor in 2006.[2] At the time of operation, the company was based in New Jersey. There were more than 2 million registered domain names owned by approximately 900,000 consumers under its management.

Massive Customer Complaint

In 2005, ICANN received multitude of complaints from users because RegisterFly' poor service. The company did not respond to e-mails and support tickets, call hold time was more than 30 minutes and charged credit cards m two times or more per transaction. RegisterFly denied customer access to all their registered domain names if the credit card companies reverse the overcharges.[3]