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[[Category: Companies]]
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Industry: Registry
Founded: 2002
Headquarters: 425 West Randolph Street, 8th Floor

Chicago, IL 60606 USA

Businesses: Marketing and associated services

of the .pro domain extension

Website: Registry.pro

Registry.pro is the registry for .pro names. The word "professional" starts with "pro" in many languages and hence the TLD makes good sense for professionals and professional firms.

Registry.pro also checks a customer's professional and business qualifications before assigning a .pro domain; this gives the .pro domains they administer greater weight and standing.[1]


Registry.pro became an exclusive, ICANN accredited administrator of .pro extensions in May of 2002. However, the company actually started into active business in the year 2004.

At first it restricted access to the .pro extension solely to qualified professionals in medicine, engineering, lawyers, and accountants.

But in the year 2008, Registry.pro changed its policy, allowing the .pro extension to be used by a variety of qualified professionals.[2]


Registry.pro has a highly controlled and professional approach towards the .pro registrations that it administers, making intensive checks of an applicant's qualifications.

At the same time this system of verification is optimized, and this allows an applicant to use their .pro domain the moment verification is completed.[3]

Products and Services

.Pro Domains: Registry.pro's basic service is the registration of .pro domains, including the verification of applicants.

Registrars: The site offers a similar service to carefully selected registrars as well, allowing one to become a reseller for the service.

Additional Facilities: Registry.pro offers facilities and guidance to those who do sign up as registrars, offering not only comprehensive help and advice, but also highly competent customer support.

Account Management: Registry.pro services to registrars also include software that allows for effortless management of an account.[4]

Recent news

Registry.pro reduced the price it charges registrars for its .pro extensions by more than 25%. The company has reduced its prices every year since the year 2002.

As prices lower and the .pro extension becomes more accessible, it is expected that sales volumes of the extension domains will continue to increase.[5]


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