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Related Websites


Here is a list of blogs and wikis related to the ICANN Community. Feel free to add more blogs and wikis to the list.

  1. The Domains - Mike Berkens
  2. - Neustar
  3. - Ross Rader
  4. Domain Industry & Internet News - Michele Neylon
  5. Center for Democracy and Technology's blog
  6. Domain News - Roland Buck
  7. Domain Name Journey
  8. Domain Name News - Adam Strong, Frank Michlick
  9. Domain Pulse - Industry News
  10. Frakes on a Plane- Jothan Frakes
  11. Jean Guillon's Blog - Jean Guillon
  12. Gandi Bar - The English Gandi's Blog - French
  13. Internet Governance Project
  14. John Levine's blog - John Levine
  15. Joi Ito - Joichi Ito
  16. Nom de Domaine - Domain Name - Cedric Manara (English and French)
  17. Robin's Cyberlaw Remix - Robin Gross
  18. Susan Crawford's blog - Susan Crawford
  19. Stephane Van Gelder's blog (English and French) - Stephane Van Gelder
  20. Teare universe - Keith Teare
  21. TechCrunch - Michael Arrington, Keith Teare
  22. The Next Net - Patrick Vande Walle
  23. The Practical Nomad - Edward Hasbrouck
  24. Wortfeld - Alexander Svensson (German)

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