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Rieke Poppe

Affiliation: GNSO
Stakeholder Group(s): Private Sector - Domain Name Industry
Region: Europe
Country: Denmark
Email: rm [at]


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Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @riekepoppe

Rieke Poppe is a Domain Operations Manager at, a web hosting company based in Denmark. Poppe leads the Domain Operations Team, which takes care of all domain-related issues, from adding new TLDs to the company's portfolio to keeping up-to-date with policy issues. They also manage internal support and direct support for registrants with domain-related questions.[1]

She became a Domain Operations Manager in May 2014, though she has been with the company since July 2003, initially as a Supporter and Administrative Supporter, then as a Hostmaster and Hostmaster Coordinator.[2]

Poppe is also involved with ICANN through the Registrars Stakeholder Group.[1] As of ICANN 51 in Los Angeles, she has been to more than two ICANN Meeting, and she was an ICANN Fellow at ICANN 51.[1]

She is also a member of the Registrar Advisory Board at EURid.

Poppe is an avid volunteer; she has been a group leader of children at the FDF since April 2001, where she leads 5-to-11-year-old children in courses that will help educate those future young leaders. She has also volunteered at Brorsons Kirke since 2005, where she helps to plan and execute freestyle services for 300-400 teenagers multiple times a year.[2]

She lists "producing two amazing kids" and running a half-marathon as amongst her greatest life achievements.[1]


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