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Rolf Larsen - Portrait-2013.jpg
Rolf Larsen - Caricature-2013.jpg
Country: Norway
Email: rolf[at]

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Rolf Larsen is the CEO and Founder of CloudNames, a consultancy and management service company for TLD-interested parties. The company began in June 2011.[1]

He is also the Chairman of Registry Hub, which serves as a technical, legal, and commercial proxy between registries and registrars, as well as the Chairman and Co-Founder of Similar Layers AS, a company which invests in the development of mobile applications. Other present involvements include being a Board Member of German Property AS and Founder and Board Member of NetConnect ASA.[2]

Larsen is an industry veteran who has been involved with the GNS's Registry Consistuency and has headed and started a number of technology companies.[2]


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