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Type: Non-Profit
Industry: Registry
Founded: April 25, 1996
Founder(s): Piet Beertema
Headquarters: Utrechtseweg 310 6812 AR Arnhem
Country: Netherlands
Employees: 51-200
Email: support[at], info[at]
Website: SIDN
LinkedIn: SIDN
Key People
Roelof Meijer, CEO

Erwin Heringa, System Engineer

Stichting Internet Domeinregistratie Nederland - SIDN is the national manager of the Dutch ccTLD and provides registry services in Netherlands for .nl domains. It is ICANN accredited and is responsible for issuing all Dutch domain names. It has around 1,900 registrars and ISPs operating under it. The .nl domain is considered the world's fourth largest and safest ccTLD, and has over 4 million domain names.[1] There is one .nl domain for ever 5 people in the Netherlands, the highest such ratio of any ccTLD worldwide.[2] However, SIDN has had some issues regarding the implementation of IPv6.[3] ICANN signed the Accountability Framework for the .nl TLD with SIDN in 2007.[4]

In English, SIDN means Netherlands Domain Registration Foundation.[5]

SIDN is a member of ICANN's ccNSO.[6]

Comments on ICANN FY2012 Plan Framework

In April 2011, SIDN pointed out the need for further explanation of ICANN's 2012 budget plan. CEO of SIDN, Roelof Meijer, told ICANN that budget regarding new gTLDs, ICANN's core operations, as well as general financial aspects were over estimated and should be reviewed before finalization. Mr. Meijer esepcially takes issue with ICANN's lack of clarity and absence of further explanation on many of its budgetary figures. Moreover, ICANN does not even have the minimum set amount in its reserve fund, and according to ICANN's Strategic Plan, it should have on hand funds for at least one year of operation.

SIDN believes that ICANN should better plan its finances as it is a public organization.[7]

Domain Names

Individuals can register second-level .nl domains since 2003 and third-level domains since 2000. SIDN discontinued the registration of personal domain names in 2007.[8]

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