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[[Frederic Guillemaut]], COO<br/>
[[Frederic Guillemaut]], COO<br/>
[[Matthieu Aubert]], Legal department<br/>
[[Matthieu Aubert]], Legal department<br/>
[[Sebastien Almiron]], Head of Domain Name Strategy & Advisory Department<br/>

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Type: SAS
Industry: Hosting, Brand protection, SSL
Founded: Marseille, France, 1997
Founder(s): Charles Tine
Headquarters: Pole Media, 37 Rue Guibal
Marseille, France, 13356
Country: France
Products: Domain Management, Online Trademark Protection, Hosting, SSL, Domain Monitoring
Employees: 26 (2011)
Website: Mailclub.fr
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@fguillemaut
Key People
Charles Tine, CEO

Frederic Guillemaut, COO
Matthieu Aubert, Legal department
Sebastien Almiron, Head of Domain Name Strategy & Advisory Department

Mailclub is a French registrar, based in Marseille and Paris, specialised in corporate domain name registration.[1]


Founded by Charles Tine in 1997 as a mail forwarding company, Mailclub has since become an advisor for companies wanting to secure their online identity.

Frederic Guillemaut joined the company in 1998 and has worked on the processes used to develop the company in a variety of products ranging from hosting to domain names.

In 2007, Mailclub launched domaine.asia, one of the first .asia domains.

Mailclub is one of the few foreign registrars registering domain names for the Gambia.[2]


Mailclub was accredited by AFNIC in 1999 and by ICANN in 2006. They are also accredited with a large number of international registries.[3]


Mailclub is a French registrar, specializing in corporate domain name registration. Its own technical infrastructure allows Mailclub to offer a wide range of services around DNS, hosting, domain names and SSL certificates.

Mailclub also operates Mailclub.info,[4] a domain industry webzine. The company also organises domain events such as Les Rencontres Internationales des Noms de Domaine,[5] which allows people from the IP community to meet domainers and talk about the industry.

They are decited to providing their services in a manner that follows ethical working laws and is green.[6]