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|portrait  = ScottAustinPortrait.JPG
|portrait  = ScottAustinPortrait.JPG
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|caricature = ScottA.jpg
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|born      =
|country    = USA
|country    = USA

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Country: USA
Email: saustin [at] gordonrees.com

Scott Austin is a Partner at Gordon + Rees. He is a lawyer specializing in trademark and Internet law. He has been with Gordon + Rees since early 2010, and has been a lawyer for almost 30 years. He is a Board Certified IP lawyer in Florida.

He is a member of ICANN's Vertical Integration Working Group, Internationalized Registration Data Working Group, and the Intellectual Property Constituency (since 2008). He has also been a member of INTA since 2002 and is a panlist for arbitration on NAF.[1]

Fun Fact

Austin is a jazz lover and professional saxophonist.[2]


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