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Judith Hellerstein

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'''Judith Hellerstein''' is the founder of Hellerstein & Associates, a research consultancy which specializes in opening up telecom and tech opportunities around the world, by providing research, analysis, strategy and advisory consulting to help clients by providing solutions to help clients meet their economic and social objectives. She does this by providing innovative, creative, and out of the box solutions to situations to help clients solve their problems. Judith has over twenty years experience in developing policies, regulations, building regulatory capacity, and on Internet Governance issues having worked on several high profile projects while she was at the International Bureau of the Federal Communications Commission, MCI Communications, and Former Vice President Gore’s Reinventing Government office before founding her firm. She advises private sector companies, Governments, and multilateral organizations on Internet Governance, policy consulting, regulatory reform, regulatory capacity building, broadband strategy, competition policy, e-government assessment, convergence and its impact on regulatory frameworks, and Intellectual Property. Judith is the Co-Chair of the At-Large Technology Task Force within ICANN, Vice Chair of the Global Indigenous Fellowship and past Secretariat of NARALO, the North American Regional At Large Organization (NARALO)within ICANN. She Judith is also a Director of the Washington DC Chapter of the Internet Society, the Founder and President of Capital Area Globetrotters, an ICANN At-Large Structure. Judith has written extensively on telecommunications, competition policy, Internet Governance, broadband access & development, and convergence strategies.
Judith is a member of the US State Department International Telecommunications Advisroy Council and has worked with other USgovernment US Government agencies and industry to help draft US position papers, resolutions, and proposals for the ITU, regional telecom forums, and other related forums. She was a member of the US Delegation to the ITU’s 2014 Plenipotentiary Conference in Busan, South Korea, where she was an active participant on the Internet Public Policy, Cybersecurity, and WSIS working groups, writing, developing, and contributing to talking points, resolutions and other motions. She is also a member of the US Delegation to the ITU’s Council Working Group on International Internet Public Policy. Judith is an expert on broadband buildout and deployment and is recognized as a key expert in these areas.
Since the mid 2000s, Hellerstein Judith has worked with numerous countries around the world on developing new [[ICT]] and e-government laws, reviewing and amending old laws, developing [[ICT]] policies, and providing regulatory and policy capacity building.<ref name="linkedin">[ Judith Hellerstein,]</ref>She has also attended several [[IGF's]] and is on the steering committee of the IGF USA.
[[ICANN 50]] was her first ICANN where she participated in Atlas II. She then In late 2014 she was elected as Vice Chair of NARALO and has been a NARALO leader since late 2014in 2015 he was elected as Secretariat in 2015 until October 2017. She attended [[ICANN 52]] in Singapore in her capacity as Vice-Chair of NARALO and Acting Secretariat. In 2015 she was Elected Secretariat and served as such until the end of the AGM of 2017. She is the Co-Chair of the At Large Technology Task Force, chair of the Captioning pilot and The Global Indigenous Ambassador Program. She is an active member of the Cross Community Working Group of Internet Governance, Cross Community on Auction Proceeds, Standing Committee of Finance and budget and the Cross Community Committee on Accessibility. She has also attended several [[IGF's]] and is on the steering committee of the IGF USA.
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