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Alain Pellet

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|portrait = alain_pellet.jpg|caricature = CaricatureComing.jpg|affiliation= University Paris Ouest|born =|country = France|email = courriel [at]|website = []|blog = |twitter = |facebook = |linkedin = [ Alain Pellet]|userbox portrait=alain_pellet.jpg|caricature= CaricatureComing.jpg
'''Alain Pellet''' is a Professor of Public Interest Law, with a concentration on International Economic Law, at the University Paris Ouest, Nanterre/La Défense.<ref>[ Biography,]</ref> He has been elected to serve as the [[Independent Objector]] in ICANN's [[New gTLD Program]], and will act on behalf of public interest. As the Independent Objector, he is permitted to lodge Limited Public Interest and Community objections against applications that have received no other objections, should he see fit.<ref>[ Independent Objector for New gTLD Program Selected,]</ref>