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International Telecommunication Union

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== ITU Sectors ==
The ITU comprises of four sectors – Standardization, Radio Communication and Development and ITU Telecom. Each of these sectors specializes in policy-related or technical issues in their area of interest. Each sector is led by a director who directly reports to the ITU Deputy Secretary General and the Secretary General. <ref name="link4">[ tiaonline]</ref>
'''Standardization:''' This sector of ITU is responsible for the production of sophisticated and globally accepted telecommunication standards and related documents which are not under the purview of the ITU Radio-communication Sector. <ref name="link4">[ tiaonline]</ref>
'''Radio-communication:''' This sector is charged with managing the satellite orbit resources and international radio-frequency spectrum.<ref name="link1">[]</ref> It also studies and provides necessary recommendations on issues related to radio-communication, ensures effective allocation of band of the radio-frequency system and works towards eliminating the interference between radio stations of different countries and enhance the use of geostationary satellite orbit. <ref name="link4">[ tiaonline]</ref>
'''Development sector:''' This sector sees to it that there is equal, affordable as well as sustainable access to information and communication technologies (ICTs).