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Brian Sun

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|portrait = PortraitComing1BrianSunPortrait.jpg|caricature = CaricatureComingBrianSunCaricature.jpg|affiliation = Company Name or Organization/Group NameGAC|born =Hong Kong, China|country = USAHong Kong|email = john [at]|website = [ JDDomainsgov.nethk]|blog = []|twitter = johndoe|facebook = [ johndoe]|google = [ johndoe]|linkedin = [ john-doe]
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<Intro Here - Write a paragraph that introduces yourself>Brian Sun is an ICT professional working for the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China.
<Insert current position and company and any relevant work history> ==ICANN Involvement==<Insert any involvement with ICANNSystems Manager (Standards), including Fellowshipthe Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, NextGen, Working Groups, Stakeholder groups, etc> ==Involvement in Internet Governance==<If you are involved with other Internet governance bodies describe them here> ==Education==<Insert Education>HKSAR Government
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