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NTAG is not active, correction of the info
Currently in [ '''dormant state'''] ( in June 2015 it was sunset after the majority of new gTLD applicants had moved through the process to become full-fledged Registry Operators).
The '''New Top-Level Domain Applicant Group''' (or '''NTAG''') is an interest group formed under Article III.D. of the Charter of the gTLD Registries Stakeholder Group ([[RySG]]). The primary role of the NTAG is to represent the interests of entities that applied for a new gTLD(s) in [[ICANN]]'s 2012 gTLD round. The NTAG represents the views of its members to the RySG, the [[GNSO]] Council, the ICANN Board of Directors, and other influential bodies.
* [ NTAG letter to ICANN on New TLD Registry Agreement]
==Current Officersas of JUN 2015==
* [[Samantha Demetriou]], [[Fairwinds Partners]], Chair
* [[Maxim Alzoba]], [[FAITID]], Vice Chair

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