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Based on the .kr ccTLD Model and Operation prepared by [[Kim Jaeyoun ]] on September 2626th, 2005, NIDA's role responsibilities include:
# Develop policies for the .kr domain name and [[IP Address|IP address ]] allocation as well as registration of domain name and assignment of IP address and [[AS Number|AS numbers]]# Manage .kr domain names servers ([[IPv4]]/[[IPv6]]).# Research and development of internet Internet related subjects such as IPv6, intenet Internet address system for the next generation and multi-lingual domain names systems, [[ENUM]], etc.
# Cooperate with international organizations which include [[ICANN]], [[ISOC]], [[IETF]], [[APTLD]], [[APNIC]], [[APNG]], [[MINC]] etc.
# Release internet Internet related statistics.# Provide echnical support for the registration of domain names and IP addresses
# Host annual internet-related conferences, workshops and seminars.

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