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Paul Stahura

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'''Paul Stahura''' is the CEO and Co-Founder of [[Donuts Inc.]].<ref>[!/stahura Twitter Profile]</ref> He is a former President and Chief Strategy Officer, and a member of the board of directors, of [[Demand Media]], Inc. Demand Media is the parent company of [[eNom]], Inc. Paul launched eNom in 1997 from an ISDN line in his garage in Redmond, Washington.<ref>[ Paul Stahura Leaving eNom and Demand Media After 12 Years]</ref> After the Demand Media acquisition Paul remained the CEO of [[eNom]] until 2009, after which he left the company.
Mr. Stahura's current venture, Donuts Inc., is still coalescing; given the timing and the people he is working with it is speculated to be a new [[gTLD]] venture.<ref>[ New Paul Stahura Venture -]</ref>
Paul has over twenty years experience in the software development industry, with the most recent ten of those years spent in the Internet and [[DNS]] space.

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