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Mark Elkins

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'''Mark J. Elkins''' is a Founding Member of [[ARC]], the African Registry Consortium, and a Director within [[AfriNIC]].<ref>[[ICANN 42]] Interview</ref> He is also the Owner of [[Posix Systems]].<ref>[ iWeek Programme: Internet Week]</ref> He is also an associate at NetDay Association and a Member at [[ISOC]].<ref>[ Mark Elkins' Linkedin Profile]</ref>
Mr. Elkins activities at [[ICANN]] include participation with the [[ccNSO]] and work with [[AfriNIC]].<ref>[[ICANN 42]] Interview</ref>He participates in a variety of international and regional IT conferences, workshops, and other fora, including work with the [[IGF]] and [[ITU]].
=== Career History ===