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==PIPA Support Collapse in the Senate==
Nineteen lawmakers in the Senate expressed their opposition to PIPA joining Senators Ron Wyden, Jerry Moran, Rand Paul and Mark Warner. Seven of the new opponents of the bill were former co-sponsors. Many of the lawmakers cited legitimate concerns as the main reason for dropping their support on PIPA.<ref>[ PIPA support collapses, with 13 new Senators opposed]</ref>
On January 13, 2012, Senators Charles Grassley, Orrin Hatch, Jeff Sessions, John Cornyn, Mike Lee and Tom Coburn, MD expressed their concern to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that the Protect IP Act is "moving too quickly." According to the senators, the concerns and issues including risks on cybersecurity, damages to the internet architecture, costly and burdensome litigation and dilution of First Amendment rights should be addressed first before bringing the bill to Senate floor for a vote. The senators pointed out that the bill should be "fully debated and amendments not limited."<ref>[ Letter from 6 Senators Telling Reid NOT to Schedule a Vote on Internet Blacklist Bill (aka PIPA)]</ref>
==The Obama Administration's Stand on PIPA==