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Guillermo Zamora

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'''Guillermo Zamora''' is the Legal Adviser at Chubut Deportes S.E.M. and the legal counsel at Red Iberoamericana He also serves as a Correspondent at Business Software Alliance. Mr. Zamora is the founder of Lex Trelew, a law firm in ArgentinaArgentin. <ref>[ Guillermo Zamora's Linkedin Profile]</ref>
== Career History ==
From 2007-2011, he was an attorney at MercadoLibre and was a member of Jurist Of the World in 2009. Mr. Zamora served as an Internal Auditor at Social Provincia del Chubut. == Education ==He did specialization in inter government governance from Organización Universitaria Interamericana. == References =={{reflist}} [[Category:People]]

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