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Thomas Schneider

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|portrait=Thomas Schneider.jpg
|organization=Swiss Federal Office of Communication
|jobtitle=Director of International Relations
|stakeholdergroup=Government/Inter-Governmental Organization|affiliation=GAC|linkedin=
'''Thomas Schneider''' is the deputy head of international affairs with the Federal Office of Communication in Switzerland. He is also a [[ICANN]] board member. According to the organization, Thomas is an expert in Internet governance and in the governance of the "information society", specifically in consumer protection, human rights, and media regulation. He coordinate's Swiss activities related to the implementation of the UN World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) and represents the country in a variety of international fora (UN, ITU, ICANN/GAC, Council of Europe, OSCE, UNESCO, among others).<ref name=ICANN>[ Thomas Schneider: Chair of the GAC], ICANN. Retrieved October 28, 2015.</ref>

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