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Scott McCormick

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|portrait = Scott_McCormickPortrait.jpg|caricature = Scott_McCormickCaricature.jpg|region=North America|country = USA|stakeholdergroup=Private Sector - General Business/Legal|affiliation=GNSO|email = scott smccormick [at]|website = []com/|twitter = scottmmccormick|facebook = |linkedin = [ Scott McCormick]
'''Scott McCormick''' is the founder of [[McCormick ICT International]]. McCormick ICT International is a part of the [[GNSO]] [[Business Constituency]].<ref>[]</ref> Mr. Scott is a member of the [[CBUC]], the former member of [[Joint Security and Stability Analysis Charter Drafting Working Group]].<ref>[]</ref>, and the DNS Security and Stability Advisory - Working Group (DSSA-WG)

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