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Ville de Paris & Reverse Domain Hijacking
Following the launching of the .paris project, the City of Paris selected [[AFNIC]] & [[CORE]] to provide technical support for the .paris TLD application to ensure its approval by ICANN. AFNIC is a non-profit organization serving as the registry operator for France's [[ccTLD|country code top level domain name]] ([[.fr]]) and several French territories including [[.re]] (Reunion Island), [[.yt]] (Mayotte), [[.wf]] (Wallis and Futuna), [[.tf]] (French Southern Territories) and [[.pm]] (Saint-Pierre and Miquelon). CORE is a Swiss-based non-profit organization offering registrar services accredited by ICANN. <ref>[ AFNIC/CORE chosen by the Ville de Paris to manage the .paris extension]</ref> <ref>[ About CORE]</ref>
===Ville de Paris & Reverse Domain Hijacking===
In September, 2012, the City of Paris was found to be guilty of reverse domain name hijacking, where due to a 2009 case [[UDRP]] from the city over that resulted in a [[UDRP]] panelist awarding the domain to Paris before a Reverse Domain Hijacking lawsuit from the American registrant brought the case to a Texas court. A representative of the City of Paris did not present itself in court and the city was found guilty of reverse domain name hijacking, and ordered to pay $100,000 in restitution and $26,830 in attorney fees. The sum will likely be difficult to collect given the international nature of the case. <ref>[ City of Paris Ordered to Pay 100k for Reverse Domain Name Hijacking,]</ref> 

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