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== Activities ==
'''ICANNWiki''' is a grassroots, community effort initiative. It is a platform to compile articles describing support the people, companies, organizations, terms drafting of ICANN and concepts that are at the heart of Internet Governance-related articles by Internet community members. We foster greater worldwide input and understanding of how policy is created for the various moving parts that affect the current and future development of the Internet which we all use everyday. In particular we cover the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ([[ICANN]]) and related international policy and management bodies.
The wiki provides neutral, third party information for ICANN-goers as well as people following the process from afar. It is an open platform, governed by wiki values such a transparency, assuming good faith, and building together. The project is independent from ICANN, and is based out of Portland, OR, USA.<ref>This article is entirely user submitted by the ICANNWiki team & supporters: Ray, Jonah, Vivian, and Andrew</ref>