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DoS Attack

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{{Glossary||note = '''This information is brought to you by<br> [ DNS Seal], a best practices wiki for DNS.'''| logo = DNS Seal.png|link =}} '''DoS Attacks''', or '''Denial of Service Attacks''', involve making a website or server unresponsive and inaccessible.<ref>[ Security Tip (ST04-015): Understanding Denial-of-Service Attacks] (February 6, 2013), United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (United States Department of Homeland Security)</ref> This can be accomplished through flooding a website with so much traffic that it can no longer respond to queries or by using bugs in the system's security to "destabilize" it.<ref name="alto">[ Denial of Service Attack - Prevent DoS Attacks with Palo Alto Networks], Palo Alto</ref> A distributed denial of service attack ([[DDoS Attacks|DDoS Attack]]) is one form of DoS attack that is particularly dangerous and has receive a lot of attention in the last few years.
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