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Net Neutrality

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The basic actors in a Network Neutrality scenario are: the Internet Service Provider (ISP), the end user, the content or applications provider, and the regulator.<ref>Other actors - like transit providers and CDNs - have been identified as the issue of Network Neutrality continues to be explored and defined. See Patrick Maillé, Gwendal Simon, Bruno Tuffin. ''[ Toward a Net Neutrality Debate that Conformsto the 2010s]''. 2015. <hal-01127958> Retrieved 27 Apr 2015.</ref>The end user is a consumer of the ISP’s services, and also a person having certain legal rights. Content and applications providers are individuals and organizations that publish things on the Internet. ISPs sometimes enter into commercial arrangements with third-party content or applications providers to promote their information over other the information that is available on the Internet, or promote their native services. The ISP is in the position to promote information on a technical (e.g. network operation) and non-technical (e.g. pricing structures) level. The regulator is the government authority that has the power to regulate ISPs behaviour in the manner describedthis regard.
==Net Neutrality Around the World==

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