Spectrum Equity Investors

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Spectrum e.gif
Industry: Investment
Founded: 1994
Ownership: Privet
Headquarters: One International Place, 29th Floor, Boston, MA
Country: USA
Businesses: Investment
Website: spectrumequity.com
Key People
Brion B. Applegate, William P. Collatos, Randy J. Henderson, Michael J. Kennealy, Kevin J. Maroni, Christopher T. Mitchell, Victor E. Parker, James J. Quagliaroli, Benjamin C. Spero

Spectrum Equity Investors is a company investing in profitable and growing service businesses. They are maintaining six investment funds mounting up to $4.7 billion of privet equity capital.

Common business characteristics that they look for in business opportunities include, recurring revenue, significant operating leverage, healthy operating margins, strong free cash flow, and franchise customer loyalty.

Investment Strategy

Their investment activity is focused on business services, entertainment, communications, information services, media, and related growth sectors. Spectrum invests on companies who are leaders in their industries, have well established business models and have significant opportunity for future growth. The types of companies they invest on include privet companies, public companies and divisions of large companies.

They typically invest between $25 million - $100 million per investment. They are capable of taking up much larger investment with their partners. Their investments are mainly focused across North America and Western Europe.[1]