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ICANNWiki gives everyone a voice in the future of the Internet

ICANNWiki is an indispensable resource for the ICANN Community. For anyone and everyone interested in Internet Governance. An open platform managed by the community for the community. Independent from ICANN. Together, we compile and synthesize relevant information and provide historical context for the DNS from a neutral point of view. Whether it's timely updates on policy development, deep dives into community work, or primers on salient issues such as DNS Abuse, ICANNWiki provides a forum for the community to build and share knowledge. We are grateful to our sponsors, both past and present.

ICANNWiki is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions are tax-deductible in the United States.

Sponsor us for exposure, impact, or both.
Become a
Bronze Sponsor ($1,000/conference or $3,000/year)
ICANN 43 - San Jose City Guide
  • Our everlasting love
Silver Sponsor ($2,500/conference or $7,500/year)
  • Time with an ICANNWiki staff member to work with you on articles associated with your organization and/or interests
  • Selection of featured articles/series on the Main Page
  • Selected personnel and company name included in playing cards
Gold Sponsor ($5,000/conference or $15,000/year)
  • Silver benefits, plus:
  • Direct how we use your donation
For example, you may want to sponsor a ICANNWiki Quick Guide
QuickGuideCover-ICANN63 Downsized.png
  • Request a project to be developed or contribute to ongoing content and technical efforts
  • Company logo on our T-Shirts
Platinum Sponsor ($10,000/conference or $30,000/year)
In-Kind Sponsorships
If your organization is operating in the ICANN space, there might be an opportunity for an in-kind sponsorship! Past and ongoing in-kind donations include gTLD analytics, legal assistance for our organization, and intern support.

Contact Us

Are you interested in sponsoring our work? Do you have an idea for an in-kind sponsorship? Contact the team to continue the conversation.

  • ray [at] icannwiki.com
  • jessica [at] icannwiki.org