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The “State of the Domains” newsletter is a quarterly state of industry report conducted by the Domain Name Association (DNA). The inaugural report was published in October 2014 at the ICANN 51 meeting in Los Angeles.

DNA advocates the utilization and adaptation of new gTLDs to enhance the navigation of the Internet for users around the world. To support DNA’s mission, the “State of the Domains” was created to promote the interest of the domain name industry. In the report, DNA provides results from a global research survey in 10 different countries interested in the expansion of domain extensions.

The results of the global research survey demonstrated across the 10 countries, favor towards extensions besides “.com”. The report will be a reference for further recommendations for enhancement in the industry. Data collected will provide insight to the various domain markets around the world. The DNA has pledged to monitor industry developments and formulate useful statistics in order to boost universal acceptance. In December 2014, DNA released a complete Simplified Chinese edition of the inaugural report provided by TLD Registry. Because of this, many Chinese media outlets welcomed the news including Xinhua08 (Media report here)and these others:

State of the Domain Editions