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|country    = Germany
|country    = Germany
|email      = stefan [at] ntldstats.com
|email      = stefan [at] ntldstats.com
|website    = [https://ntldstats.com ntldstats.com]
|website    = https://ntldstats.com
|blog        = [https://blog.ntldstats.com blog.ntldstats.com]
|blog        = https://blog.ntldstats.com
|linkedin    = [http://de.linkedin.com/pub/stefan-meinecke/96/14a/bb2 Stefan Meinecke]
|linkedin    = de.linkedin.com/pub/stefan-meinecke/96/14a/bb2

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Affiliation: nTLDStats
Country: Germany
Email: stefan [at] ntldstats.com

LinkIcon.png   https://ntldstats.com

Blog: https://blog.ntldstats.com
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   [de.linkedin.com/pub/stefan-meinecke/96/14a/bb2 Stefan Meinecke]

Stefan Meinecke is the founder and owner of nTLDStats[1].

In March 2014 the domain name blog TheDomains did an interview with him to find out his motivation behind nTLDStats[2].

In December 2015 the German domain name law blog Domain-Recht did an interview[3] with Stefan, which got translated later on.[4]