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Country: France
Email: stephane.boutinet [at]

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Stephane Boutinet is the Managing Director of Namebay.

Stephane Boutinet and ICANN

Due to this profession as a Managing Director, Stephane Boutinet is also in contact with ICANN. For instance, according to the attendance list from the ICANN Meeting from November 2005, he became the voting member for Namebay. In this way, a "voting member" is also a "registered representative". [1] Similarly, he was also involved as one of the parties for ICANN Joint Request for Reconsideration and Emergency Relief respectively the Amended Reconsideration Request from the 16th of March 2005. [2]

About Namebay

Namebay deals with domain name registration, domain name transfer, domain name renewal and administration. In addition, it also offers related services to DNS administration, SSL certificate, IDN and Whois. They also offer assistance on domains management. There are two important services of Namebay:

  1. Namebay Corporate available at website link - which exclusively deals with services for companies and enterprises for a capitalization and portfolio management of domain names; [3]
  2. Namebay Pro available at website link - which deals with the creation of domain names and all the necessary documentation;[4]

Namebay and ICANN

Namebay is an accredited registrar of ICANN, a domain name registration office. Namebuy offers a wide variety of services related to domain names, while the Managing Director, Stephane Boutinet is also a member of ICANN. [5]