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Country: USA
Email: steve [at]

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Dr. Crocker sits on the ICANN Board as a non-voting liaison representing the Security and Stability Advisory Committee. Dr. Crocker is CEO and co-founder of Shinkuro, Inc., a start up company focused on dynamic sharing of information across the Internet. He is also on the board of the Internet Society and he is a volunteer Senior Counselor in the Office of the Chief Technology Officer in the District of Columbia, focusing on the District's creation of a new technology magnet high school.

Dr. Crocker has been involved in the Internet since its inception. In the late 1960's and early 1970's, while he was a graduate student at UCLA, he was part of the team that developed the protocols for the Arpanet and laid the foundation for today's Internet. He organized the Network Working Group, which was the forerunner of the modern Internet Engineering Task Force and initiated the Request for Comment (RFC) series of notes through which protocol designs are documented and shared. He remained active in the Internet standards work through the IETF and IAB. For this work, Dr. Crocker was awarded the 2002 IEEE Internet Award.

Dr. Crocker's experience includes research management at DARPA, USC/ISI and The Aerospace Corporation, vice president of Trusted Information Systems, and co-founder of CyberCash, Inc. and Longitude Systems, Inc.

Steve Crocker was selected as non-voting liaison to the ICANN Board by the Security and Stability Advisory Committee. His current term will end after the conclusion of ICANN's annual meeting in 2005.

Steve Crocker was selected by the 2008 Nominating Committee to serve as a Board Member. He has been Chair of ICANN's Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC) since its inception in 2002, and he served as SSAC's non-voting Liaison to the ICANN Board until being selected by the Nominating Committee. His current term runs from the end of the 2008 annual meeting through the conclusion of the 2011 annual meeting.

At the organizational meeting following the Annual General Meeting on 10 December 2010, Steve was elected Vice-Chair of the ICANN Board.[1]


Dr. Crocker earned his BA in math and PhD in computer science at UCLA, and he studied artificial intelligence at MIT.