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The String Similarity Panel also known as String Similarity Examiners are responsible evaluating string similarities to the different gTLD strings that might confuse internet users. The panel will compare the proposed gTLD strings with any reserved name, existing TLD, requested IDN ccTLD and current new gTLD string proposals. It will also examine the IDN tables submitted by applicants. String similarity evaluations will be done during the initial evaluation.[1]

The String Similarity Algorithm is a tool used by the panel in determining if a new gTLD being applied for will result to string confusion. SWORD, an international IT company expert in verbal search algorithm helped ICANN in creating the tool to automate process of examining the similarities of proposed and existing TLD strings. [2] You can check the String Similarity Assessment Tool here.

On February 25, 2009, the ICANN Board issued a call for Expressions of Interest (EOI) for individual interested to become string similarity examiners.[3] ICANN selected InterConnect Communications in partnership with the University College London to identify string similarity and Geographic Names. The organization will work with Interisle Consulting Group to examine DNS Stability and the Economist Intelligence Unit for Geographic Names to accomplish string reviews.[4]