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Country: USA
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Dr. M Stuart Lynn is the current President of Lynn Consulting and former President and CEO of ICANN from 2001-2003.[1] Lynn has an extensive history in technology and computing in academia and business. Prior to his retirement in 1999, Lynn served as chief information officer for the combined University of California system where he built collaborative relationships between diverse stakeholder groups in order to create effective computer networks. Dr. Lynn used this skill set to successfully navigate similar dynamics within ICANN during his tenure. [2]

ICANN Involvement

After an extensive search involving over 300 applicants across the globe, ICANN determined Mr. Lynn to be the most qualified candidate to succeed Mike Roberts, ICANN's first President and CEO.

Toward the conclusion of Lynn's position with the organization, ICANN's primary mission was to bridge long-standing gaps between its various constituencies. These gaps were largely characterized as endless policy debates and lack of responsiveness. Attempts to reform a better group politics began at ICANN 13 in Romania. Mr. Lynn was an integral instigator of these reforms, and initiated conversations between the board and ICANN community by releasing a 'programme of reform' in February 2002. As part of this attempt at reform, Mr. Lynn and others strove to sharpen and maintain ICANN's focus on managing and securing the growing DNS root system. [3]


Lynn obtained his Bachelor and Masters of Arts in Mathematics from Oxford University.


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