Sun Yongge

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Email: syg [at]

Sun Yongge is the Assistan Secretary-General for ISOC of China.[1]

She was a member of the Interim Coordination Commitee at the third Asia-Pacific Net Abuse Workshop of Asia-Pacific Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email(APCAUCE).[2]

Conferences and Meetings

  • ICANN Silicon Valley[3] and ICANN Cartagena De Indias[4]
  • CODATA DSAO Beijing,China[5]
  • IGF Sharm El Sheikh(2009)[6]
  • Third WEBGAME and SNS Conference 2010 Beijing,China[7]
  • China Internet Conference 2010[8]
  • United Nations' First Meeting of the Working Group on Internet Governance(WGIG)[9]
  • World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Tunis, Tunisia[10]